Actually, I should be getting an outline on what we did in the last lesson.

Instead, I am blogging.

Think it's a better waste of time ;D

('Büroassistenz' & 'Sozialkunde' aren't really my favourites.)

Once again, I'm quite into English right now, maybe cause I had no English classes today.


My day was quite.. boring. Bloody boring and useless!
What I mean?
I had about two hours of 'Wirtschaftslehre' and could leave school again when they were finished.

Sounds awesome?

Well, somehow it is, but..
We started at 11.45 a.m. and were finished at about 1 p.m.

Isn't sense of a learningful day, isn't it?

Actually, we have at least 4 hours of school on tuesdays, but our German teacher is ill, or idk.

So what did I do during the last days?

Instead of learnig constantely (guess, there'll be enough time when our teachers are again like 'So guys, we have to write another classroom test' and when every teacher is like that), I did a lot of editing.

During our holidays, I took so much pics, it's nearly unbelievable.

It were about 1500 all together and I rested about 1100.

What's the problem?

Well. I'm not quite good at saying if something is straight or not.

So it took about 1 ½ weeks to get through the majority of all these photos to straighten them and I'm not done yet.

Buuut yesterday I started to publish them.

So my dearest Alöx, you may have a look on my deviantART page, if you'd like to (if you need the link once again, go ahead and ask me ;D and using this opportunity, tell me which of my blog entries you meant when you wrote that there's one, you're thinking about some times. Thanks in advance ;D )

So what else to tell?

Nothing special, I guess.
But I'm trying not to be too dependent on some 'friends'.

I should accept that they won't call when they say so.

«I'll call you on monday.»

Well.. obviously you didn't.
And if you didn't notice it: it's tuesday already.

So thanks for calling.

So that's one of only a very few things I want to change this year.

Usually I don't make up any resolutions for a new year, cause I don't stick to them anyway, so it doesn't make much sense.

Another thing: giving considerably less a fuck about stupid things / kids. (I really bother too much from time to time.)

Up until now, I'm really good at this. x)

Unfortunately, there are still some annoying people left, but that's life, isn't it?

Lately, a quite annoying, stalking kid wanted to be my facebook friend and I was like 'whut the fuuck?!' (guess, Alöx should know whom I'm talking about. I just say flowered bag!)

So a huge thanks to facebook for giving me the opportunity to say no x)

So what else is happening in my life right now?

I just try to accept things.
I mean I'm like this like a quite long time, cause there are always things, you can't change.

Even if you wish you can.

Accept that people won't call although they said so.

Accept that people won't always tell you the truth or everything.

Accept that people always have secrets they won't tell you.

Accept that you can't count on everybody.

Accept that you mostly have to get along on your own.

(Sounds like I'm kinda depressed? Hope it doesn't, I am not. Just had to.. learn a few things if you want so ^^)

So, I don't have to tell much more, I guess.

On friday, I'm invited to my grandmother, it's her birthday and I don't want to go there.

On a friday afternoon, right after school.

Doesn't it sound absolutely awesome?

Alone with my sister there?

Yes, it's gonna be fun!

(No, I'm not serious!)

Well, I guess, I'll leave it here..^^

Sunny am 11.1.11 18:53

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